Privatrecht / Rechtsvergleichung Literaturhinweise

Formation of Contract - A Comparative Study Under English, French, Islamic and Iranian Law

Autor: Parviz OWSIA
Hersteller / Verlag: Graham & Trotman: London (1994)
Erscheinungsjahr: 1994
Kommentar: This reference work compares the formation of contract in the legal systems of England, France, Iran and other Islamic systems. The preliminary part gives a historical sketch and describes the sources of law for the four legal systems and then describes the development and general theory of contract law in the four systems. Part one then analyzes in detail the basic notions of formation of contract including the range of psychological elements and their means of expression. The author goes on to describe and compare the function and determination of offer and acceptance in the four legal systems. Part two analyzes the mechanism of formation of import of a contract in respect of both offer and acceptance.

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